About us

We are Peter Balk and Angelica Beljaars.

In 1979 we started our company Bebop. We started collecting and selling “second hand” cloth and vintage furniture.

At that moment we had a very nice shop with two floors, which was on the beautiful Oudegracht 201 in the center of Utrecht. After 19 years a second building was added, just a few houses away, Oudegracht 187. An old city-castle with again two floors, all for furniture.

Especially the combination of old and new design made the collection varied and exciting. To combine beautiful vintage and modern design furniture in one space was our starting point.

After 36 years Bebop has moved at 1 november 2015 from a brick building to a digital space. By any interest, there is a possibility to view the well refurbished furniture in our Studio in the center of Utrecht; Keizerstraat 29. This is only by appointment.

We also re-upholster furniture. Best professionalism and high quality fabrics will make look your furniture as “new”.



Bebop: founded by Peter Balk and Angelica Beljaars